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Lindsey Astle

Titles: Music Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-341-1865
Mobile: 203-341-1794

Katherine Kozinski

Titles: Orchestra Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-341-1869

Amy Laurino

Phone Numbers:
School: 203-341-1898

Danielle Merlis

Titles: Teacher

General Music Classes

Statement of purpose:Music education should provide the opportunity for students to perform, create, and respond to music.Through singing, playing instruments, moving to and creating music, the students will acquire musical skills and knowledge. Learning to read and notate music allows students to explore music independently and with others. The study of music develops self-awareness through aesthetic experiences. It develops an appreciation for the students’ own history and cultural heritage and that of the global society.

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Band, Chorus, Orchestra

String Orchestra instruments and Chorus instruction and ensembles begin in the 4th grade, and Band instruments and ensembles are available beginning in the 5th grade. Group lessons are included as part of the instrumental music program. Nearly 100% of Westport's 4th and 5th graders participate in the Orchestras and Bands, a tradition of which Westport is most proud. These 4th and 5th graders, as well as the provided pre-K-5 classroom general music program, are the foundation for the exceptional Bands, Orchestras, and Choruses to be found Westport's middle schools and at Staples High School.

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Recent News


Kings Highway chorus students brought Frozen to life last week. Led by directors, Ms. Malizia and Ms. Kingsley, it was an amazing event. The audiences couldn't help but smile throughout the shows. The cast is incredibly talented, and we feel so proud of their performances!

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KHS Culture Club met last week to celebrate Women's History Month. The focus of the meeting was using your voice to make a difference. A former KHS student, from a team of students who worked to bring water filling stations to our school, spoke to the group. This was followed by a special visit from Selectwoman Tooker and BOE Chair Lee Goldstein who talked about the difference they make in our schools. It was an inspirational afternoon.

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Upcoming Events