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One Book, Two Schools

Our fourth annual KHS community reading experience is here! In past years, we have called this event, “One School, One Book,” and everyone at King’s Highway has had the opportunity to read and enjoy the same book. This shared experience brings us together as a community of readers.

This year, as part of our goal to show that “Kindness Happens at KHS,” we would like to share this powerful reading experience with another school, so event has evolved to, “One Book, Two Schools.” After our KHS community has had the chance to read and enjoy this year's title, we will ask families to consider donating their books to the Luis Munoz Marin School in Bridgeport at the conclusion of this event.

Once One Book, Two Schools is in full swing at KHS, please visit this site for chapter readings, discussion boards and updates.

Book Reveal: Monday, January 9th!