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Cheetah Vision

This television club is responsible for producing the KHS morning show that airs every morning on the school network. At times our content is even broadcast on Cablevision's Local Educational Access Channel, Channel 78!  If this sounds exciting to you, please thoughtfully consider the requirements below and join our team!! 

Important requirements to consider:  

💻Cheetah Vision does require extra work.  students may need to miss recess times for Cheetah Vision training or show production. There will be homework and each member is encouraged to complete a video project.

📆Crews will be assigned to studio observation/training days and then to a studio session when they will run the morning show. 

⏰When assigned to the studio, students will need to be at school by 8:45 am.

🎬Cheetah Vision may overlap with a band/orchestra commitment,  a quick and responsible transition between the two will be necessary.



Cheetah Vision - Useful Links for Crew Members