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KHS Fall Fest

KHS Fall Fun Virtual Silent Auction & Prize Drawing


Fall Fun Virtual Silent Auction

The first annual Fall Fun Virtual Silent Auction is LIVE HERE now through Friday, October 22, 7pm.  There is literally something for everyone!

From upstate NY to Montauk, NY, If you are a skier, or a beach goer - we have a weekend opportunity for that!

Whether you are looking to refresh your look with new hair, looking for a new skin care regime or even a cutting edge facial treatment - yup, we’ve got something for that too! 

Tired of waiting in the pick up line - well VIP parking spots to ‘skip the line’ are available monthly through the end of the year! 

You will also find some fun things for the kids, a YMCA membership and if you are tired of making meals…we’ve got that covered too!! 

So talk to your family, talk to your friends, or just snag something for yourself - go on…you all deserve it!! 


Fall Fun Prize Basket & 'Skip The Line' Parking  Drawing 

Feelin' lucky, are you?   Well then this prize drawing is for you!  With 16 baskets available and 8 months of 'skip the line' parking spots available you just can't go wrong.  Crowd pleaser alert - there really IS something for everyone here!.

Prize Basket Tickets
Enter any one student's name
Teacher Name


Once you have purchased tickets, ALLOCATE THEM to the prizes below - by emailing Sarah Caro at and letting her know how many tickets you want to allot to which prize basket or parking spot!  Yea, that’s right for one ticket ($5) you could win reserved pick up parking for a month! Or for $32 you have 20 chances to win that prize basket of your dreams...or the parking spot!


'Skip the Line' Parking Spots Prizes

For ONE WHOLE MONTH wave to your friends as you sail through pick-up!  Winners will receive a parking spot in the front lot and their child(ren) will be dismissed with walkers. Additional details will be provided to winners.  entry can possibly win you ONE MONTH of priority pick-up! Please note, this is just for afternoon pick-up, not drop-off, and you must arrive before 3:40pm.


ITEM A:  November (November 1 - November 26)

ITEM B:  December  (November 29 - December 23)

ITEM C:  January (January 3 - January 28)

ITEM D:  February (January 31 -March 4)

ITEM E:  March (March 7 - April 1)

ITEM F:  April (April 4 - April 29)

ITEM G:  May (May 2 - May 27)

ITEM H:  June (May 31 - last day of school)


Prize Baskets 

Sports/Adventure Basket 

• Tennis  - 1 hour group session at Olivers Tennis ($200 value.)

• Youth Basketball 

• Youth Soccer Ball 

• Frisbee

• Badminton Rackets + Birdies 

• Pop It – Basketball 

• Pop It – Baseball 

• 4 Ticket Vouchers each good for one 3-hour climb at The Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum. Retail value: $248 


Puzzle Basket 

• DIY 3D Wooden Sea Animal Puzzle

• DIY 3D Wooden Wild Animal Puzzle

• Shapes Puzzle 

• Lego Minifigure Puzzle

• 123 Floor Puzzle 


Game Basket (1) 

• Long Cow Card Game

• Kingdomino (Game of The Year) 

• Gotta Word Word Game 

• Dungeon Academy 

• Dr. Livingston Human Body Floor Puzzle 

• $25 Amazon Gift Card 


Game Basket (2) 

• Clue Junior 

• Circuit Maze 

• Kanoodle

• Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game 


Barbie Basket 

• Unicorn/Mermaid Barbie 

• Barbie Ocean Day 

• Barbie Extra (With Fashion Closet) 

• Barbie Chelsea 

• Club Chelsea Accessories

• Multiple Barbie Accessories (shoes, dresses, tiaras, etc.) 


DIY Basket 

• DIY Custom Jewelry Case 

• DIY Hair Tie + Bracelet Kit 

• Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit 

• Color Your Own Water Bottle 

• WaterColor OR Graphic Portrait (unframed) $300 Value *donated by Splatterbox


Fidget Basket 

• 2 Rubix Cubes 

• Large Ice Cream Fidget 

• Bubble Blobbies Squish Toy (Pack of 3) 

• Pop-It Bracelets 

• Pop-It Keychain 

• Sqwooz Squishy 

• Multi-Pack Over 20 Fidgets!


Art Basket 

• Crayola Melt + Mold Factory 

• Scratch Painting Kit 

• 2 Pack Crayola Colored Pencils 

• Tutti Frutti Scented Gel Pens x 6 

• Yummi Yummi Scented Glitter Pens x 12

• 10 Pack Paint Brushes 

• Whimsical Wooden Rubber Stamp Set 

• Vibrant Colored Rubber Stamp Ink Pad 

• Mini Doodle Kit 


Science Basket 

• Kids Binoculars

• Magnet Science Kit 

• Solar System Model Making Kit 

• Stem Kit 

• Glow in the Dark Stars (pack of 200) 


Pokemon Basket 

• Pokemon Fashion Watch 

• Pokemon Trading Cards x 3

• Pokemon Trading Cards (Bulk Pack) 

• Pokemon Trading Cards Case 

• Pokemon Plastic Cups x 4


Craft Basket 

• Paint Your Own Jewelry Box 

• Make Your Own Bouncy Balls 

• Twisty Super Finger String 

• Magic Picture Art Kit 

• CAMP Virtual Led Party (value $150) 


Baking Basket 

• Kids Aprons x 2 

• Mini Cookie Cutters x 24

• Silicone Cupcake Holders 

• Ice Cream Maker + Recipe Book 

• Super Simple Baking For Kids Cookbook 

• Cake Decorating Kit (Piping Bags + Tips) 

• 10 Piece Nested Bowl Set + Measuring Spoons

• Whisk Set 

• Multi Measuring Kit (Cups, Spoons, + Transparent Cups) 


Lego Basket 

• Super Heroes Lego Set 

• Mountain Police Lego Set 

• Service Lego Set 

• Chain Reactions Lego Set 

• DOTS Lego Set 


Music Basket

• Introduction to Piano (45-minute lesson - $100 Value) 

• Eastar Blue Recorder 

• Wooden Hape Harmonica 

• Suzuki GC (3 music lessons – $TBC value) 


Local Basket

• Granola Bar GC - $40 value 

• ColdFusion GC - $25 value 

• Toy Post GC - $100 value 

• Groove Fish Pillow Set 


Sky Zone Basket

• 2 Duffle Bags FILLED with goodies (each bag contains…)

o 4 x 60-minute jump passes 

o 4 x plastic sunglasses (3 purple, 1 pink) 

o 4 x Sky Zone plastic cups 

o 4 x Sky Zone T-Shirts (3 green, 1 pink)


If you do not specify what items you are purchasing tickets for, we will do our best to reach out to you before the drawing on Friday, October 29, if we still do not hear, an item/month(s) will be randomly assigned to you.  One winner will be selected for each prize.


Don't forget, Pop its are still for sale HERE!

Pop Its


Fall Fest Pop It!
Enter any ONE student name
Teacher Name


Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions, please email the KHS PTA Auction Co-Chairs, Sarah Caro at


And last but not least a HUGE ROAR OF THANKS to all of our generous donors and volunteers who have made this possible!


No family will be denied participation in the prize drawing because of inability to pay.  Please contact Principal Carbone ( for confidential assistance.


The KHS PTA is an independent 501(c)3 organization that receives 100% of its funding from parent contributions, fundraising programs and PTA dues. This money is then used to directly benefit our students and staff.