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Dear KHS Parents,

2021 a special year for the PTA as it is an appeal year.  

Typically, every two years, the KHS PTA asks parents to donate to the PTA’s general funds through a Direct Appeal Campaign.  Due to the uncertainties and instabilities that came along with the pandemic last year, we chose to pause the campaign.  

This year’s request to make a financial contribution is more important than ever as we have two goals!  

The funds raised will not only cover the full PTA operating budget for two years, but it will also include the development and installation of an Outdoor Learning Space for our KHS community.  

Imagine this as you drive in the back parking lot...

The proposed Outdoor Learning Space will be a multi-functional space to benefit all students, administration, teachers and staff.  The vision is a fully functional covered space where classes, meetings, one-on-ones and even lunch can be held in a quiet and safe area on our KHS campus.  Additionally, the shade sails will provide coverage for daily drop off and pick-up.

Within the operating budget, funding for each classroom is the single biggest budgeted expenditure our PTA will make this school year.  Each full time teacher or staff member is entitled to $200 from the PTA to enhance his or her classroom environment.  With over 50 full-time teachers and staff, that’s more than $10,000 right there, all funded by the PTA.  But that’s not where it stops, of course.  Other things that make KHS such a wonderful learning environment, directly funded by your donations to the PTA, include:

  • Author visits
  • Performing artist visits
  • The ArtSmart program 
  • Museum night
  • Teacher grants
  • And tons of fun social events for children and families 

As your donation will ensure that the PTA can continue to provide exciting and innovative opportunities for our children at KHS throughout this year and next, we will earmark the first $10,000 raised towards operational costs.  Then, every dollar after that will directly fund the development and installation of the Outdoor Learning Space.  

Because every single child benefits, we’re setting our sights on 100% participation from our KHS families.  Every single donation helps.  

Please consider helping us support the high standards that we have come to expect at KHS.  And please know that any amount – large or small – will make an impact and will be greatly appreciated! Also know that 100% of all donations are tax deductible and directly support the entire KHS community.

On behalf of the children, teachers and administrators of Kings Highway School, THANK YOU for your financial support of the KHS PTA.   

Very truly yours,



Lindsay Shurman & Jeni Bianco

Co-President KHS PTA                                         




There are two ways to donate: 

You may send your donation to school via backpack mail, drop it in the KHS PTA mailbox in the mailroom, or mail a check to KHS PTA  125 Post Road West, Westport CT 06880.  Please make checks payable to “KHS PTA” and write “Biannual Appeal” in the memo section.

*Donations can come from outside of our immediate families!  Feel free to share with grandparents or other family members, and check to see if your employer has a matching gift program. This is a great way to raise additional money for our KHS Community. 


To make a secure online donation, click the Donate button below!  You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete the transaction online as you may also pay by credit card. 

** When using PayPal a portion of your donation will be applied to processing fees.  (With a $250 donation, $7 of that will be for fees, please keep this in mind with your electronic donation selections.



ALL DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. A letter will be sent as a receipt for tax purposes.

Please make all donations by November 1st.



Donors who give $250 or more will receive a limited edition, custom-made, embroidered puffer tote to show their Cheetah pride around town! 

Thank you for your support!


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 Kings Highway School PTA

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