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Variety Show

At the 14th annual KHS Variety Show fundraiser, performers are working to

#MakeItAmazing with Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer.

Our variety show has continually focused on kids helping kids and this year is no different. Infinite Love works to raise money for researchers and doctors to discover less toxic cancer treatments for children. Childhood cancer research is underfunded, receiving only 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) annual research budget. As a school community, we can work to make a difference in that research. Please donate in support of our amazing student performers.


Variety Show Information

Performance Night: Friday, June 15th 5PM @BMS

  • All Performers: Check-in at the Bedford cafeteria between 4:30-4:45PM. Be dressed to perform. The show will begin at 5:00 pm. Know your act number!
  • Performers will be seated in reserved seating during this event (Exception- K Class act). Families do not need to save seats for performers.
  • Charitable donations to Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer will be collected during the show.
  • No food or drink will be permitted in the auditorium. Please plan accordingly.
  • The show will run with NO intermission.

Click for Performance Order

Rehearsal: Wednesday, June 13th 4:15-6:30PM @BMS (estimated time)

  • Students who can not attend the rehearsal can still participate in the show. Please email Tara Doyle (tdoyle@westportps.org) if you know you will not be attending rehearsal.
  • Performers will be assigned an act number and a practice time once registration closes. Practice times will be posted on the KHS Variety show webpage; khs.westportps.org/students/variety-show
  • Rehearsal time is used to test microphones, organize stage positions, and test music. Performers will most likely NOT perform their entire act. The main purpose of this practice time is to test music, microphones, and the logistics of prop placement and removal. Rehearsal will not run in order.
  • Instrumental performances do not need to attend rehearsal if they are already comfortable on stage.
Background Music

  • All background music must be turned in by June 6th.
  • Digital music files can be emailed to Mrs. Doyle (tdoyle@westportps.org).
  • CD's can be placed in Mrs. Doyle’s mailbox (labeled with the student's name, track title/number, and classroom teacher name). CD's will be returned to students once their track has been added to our playlist.
  • Tracks will be played from the beginning and ended after 60 seconds unless otherwise indicated.