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Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt 56pp. (K-5). Explores the hidden world of a garden—above and below ground—over a year. Lyrical, sweet, and full of wonder.


Over and Under the Pond 48 pp. (K-5). Looks at the plants and animals which are a part of a mountain pond ecosystem. For those who love and are curious about nature.


Brilliant Deep 48 pp. (K-4). A story about Ken Nedimeyer, founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation, that is a tribute to nature and hope. ALA Notable Children’s Book Award, the NSTA-CBC Best STEM Trade Books Award, the Junior Library Guild Selection and the ILA Teacher’s Choice.


Insect Superpowers 80 pp. (1-6). Nonfiction book with 18 “superheroes and supervillains” with extraordinary skills and weapons beyond the average insect.


The Next President: The Unexpected Beginnings & Unwritten Future of America’s Presidents 48 pp. (3-7). A kid-friendly nonfiction survey of American history and American Presidents.


How to Read a Story 32 pp. (K-3) A primer on reading a story and becoming a reader.


Ranger in Time: Long Road to Freedom 160 pp. (2-5). Ranger is a time-traveling golden retriever with search and rescue training. Ranger goes back to a Maryland plantation during the time of American slavery. Ranger meets young Sarah whose brother Jesse will be sold to a plantation owner in the South. They decide to run.


Breakout 448pp. (4-9) Told in letters, poems, texts, news stories, and comics, Nora documents  what happens in Wolf Creek during the summer break when two inmates escape the town’s maximum security prison. With people on edge, will home ever feel the same?


Capture the Flag 240pp. (3-7) The flag that inspired the national anthem is stolen! Anna, José, and Henry are snowed in at the Washington, DC, airport, and must work together to solve the crime.


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