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October 25, 6-8pm

Buy Your Tickets and Squishies NOW!

It's almost time to get the kids dressed in their Halloween finest and come rule the school on a Friday night to celebrate all things pumpkin! Maybe this is the one and only time of the year your kid gets to make slime in the Slime Room, nosh on a cupcake they decorate themselves, watch a magic show, dance to the tunes of the DJ and then have it all ruined when they don't win a prize basket. But somehow it's still fun for them every year and they STILL WANT TO COME. So, join us!! You know the drill--activity rooms, dinner and dessert, DJ, magic show, selfies, squishies, prize baskets and good, old-fashioned, non-screen fun. 5th Graders ONLY will have access to the VIP Lounge with special goodies and fun just for them. Purchase your tickets below. Please note that purchasing via PayPal includes a built-in convenience fee to cover the fees PayPal charges us. THANK YOU for supporting this event every year. Seriously. Thank you.

This is not a drop-off event.

You have the option to purchase three categories of items: event tickets, prize basket tickets and squishies. Please note that everyone age one and up needs an event ticket to attend. However, you do not need to attend to purchase prize basket tickets and/or squishies.

1) Pre-purchased tickets are $13 each ($13.50 each if you buy on PayPal). Please note that everyone age one and up needs a ticket.

2) Prize basket tickets are your chance to win one of the amazing prize baskets. The more you buy, the cheaper they are!

$1 for one
$10 for 12
$20 for 25
$35 for 50

3) Squishies. Back by popular demand are ALL NEW squishies. Add Frankensquish to your collection from last year ($5). Get one or more of SIX DIFFERENT emoji candy corn squishies ($5). Throw caution to the wind and opt for one or more of EIGHT DIFFERENT mystery Halloween squish keychains ($3).

To purchase via PayPal, select the items you want below and add them to your cart. Each time after you hit "Add to Cart" you will be redirected to PayPal and you have to hit "Continue Shopping" to come back to this page to continue adding items to your cart. When you finish adding all the items to your cart, check out via PayPal.

Pumpkin Palooza Tickets
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Prize Basket Tickets
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This was one of last year's baskets but we promise we will have at least ten awesome prize baskets this year.

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Add Frankensquish to your collection of squishies from last year's Pumpkin Palooza!

Emoji Candy Corn Squish (six surprise options!)
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If you order more than one candy corn squishy we will make sure you don't get a duplicate face if we have enough inventory!

MYSTERY Halloween Squishie Keychain (8 mystery options!)
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Teacher Name

There are eight different Halloween-themed squishy keychains. If you order more than one we will make sure you don't get a duplicate!

Books as Gifts

Celebrate a birthday or any special occasion by donating a book to the library in your child's honor. Books as Gifts (BAG) is a program that helps put new books on the Library Media Center shelves; providing students, teachers and staff with access to the most up-to-date literature. Plus, it's a wonderful way to commemorate a special day! Click here to get started. Questions? Contact Rebecca Sharnoff, 917-375-3943, rebeccasharnoff@gmail.com